Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

1.  Hamilton is currently celebrating Mule Days.  I don't think anyone even knows what that is but we just see all the signs around town and say,  "Huh, it's Mule Days."   Why is it that I live in a town that we celebrate Mules but no one mentions  "National Donut Day"

2. McDonald's just had their re-opening after being closed for two months.  I feel like this is a reason to celebrate because now there is one more place I can  get ice-cream after 9:00p.m

3.  Wild turkeys scare me.  They don't belong in the middle of the road.  They belong in plastic wrap in I.G.A.

4.  Sliced hot dogs topped with  mashed potatoes  and cheese  are one of those foods you have pleasant memories of as a child but don't carry over to adulthood.  I know I tried these again tonight.

5.  Jonny's picture was on the cover of our newspaper  "The Ravalli Republic" again today.   This is the second time we have made the cover photo.   I used to think that was a big deal, but now I realize it is kind of standard in a town our size.


  1. How can you NOT still like hot dogs with mashed potatoes! I think I will still always love them! Although I have switched to turkey dogs:)

  2. I didn't think one could strut with a tupperware dish on one's head, but then again, Jonny's always defied expectations.