Saturday, February 4, 2012

I am proud of his mad dancing skills

In sports, it's not so much about your skills on the court, as it is about the entertainment factor. Jonny has an abundance of this. The first day of practice we walked in and some random family said: "Oh! We were hoping we would get this kid on our team." After Jonny scores, he always does a victory dance. I have seen:
The Robot. (For this he ran to center court before he started and did not stop, even when both teams ran around him to get to the opposite basket.)
An Irish jig. (Last week after the Irish dance he tried to chest bump another player and they both fell down.)
Today was some sort of break-dance move. The guy sitting by me turns and says:
"I have heard of this kid's victory dances and he didn't disappoint."
When Jonny ran up to me to get his water bottle, the guy just laughed. What can I say, I was so proud.

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