Monday, April 4, 2011

Highlights from the weekend

There is a reason you would not let your two year old wander aimlessly through a gas station. They would eventually maneuver a chair up to the counter and push the happy red button. Then they would realize that the gooey/orange/cheesy substance makes perfect finger paint.

I attended a Male beauty Pageant this weekend. It had talent, swimsuit, and evening wear competitions. I can't decide what my favorite part of the evening was, the rollerblading guy from Mamma Mia, or one of my favorite kids from our ward who danced "My little buttercup" from the three Amigo's.

#3 Can you guess what kind of Party we hosted for Ben's birthday?

Oh yea, and conference was great too.


  1. You throw the best parties. I miss that. Tell Ben Happy Birthday!

    Mr. Bronc is a strange tradition. I'm sorry I missed our nephew this year.

    Perhaps if conference were less uplifting, and more exciting, it would get more credit on your blog. Some things can't be helped.

  2. That's one freakin' awesome birthday party. I wish I could be your child for even one year.

    As for the Nacho Maker---hilarious. You sound like Jermaine. People just LIKE to give him things. It's one of his talents.

  3. Wow, that party is almost as good as Mousetrap in the Phillips' basement. Super impressed.

  4. Ben makes a really good Mad Eye Moody. I don't think that's a good thing.