Monday, February 28, 2011

Find me a maroon "Grizz" hat

When we first arrived here, I noticed how even though we are not in a college town, everyone thinks we are. I thought I would be stoned or asked for my fishing pole back when I simply asked "Who are the Grizz?" So even though I truly don't care if the small college an hour away wins their volleyball game, I do think we are starting to fit in.

Case #1 We were told by practically the whole ward on Sunday that Dave and the boys were in the paper. We don't receive the "Ravalli Republic" just out of spite of the name. Some very nice members had even clipped it and gave us a copy. (Just to clarify they are not calling my boys Little Buggers, it's the name of the fly tying class.)

Case #2

Also on Sunday we had a very spirited comment in Relief Society on how every individual should own their own gun. So even though I don't own a gun or a "Grizz" hat. I am starting early to make sure Sarah belongs.


  1. Holy crap I think I just spit out my cereal.

  2. Sad, but true! You really are a "Ravalli" at heart. hee, hee, hee, hee. Sara with the gun is too funny.

  3. Um, forget the gun, we just noticed the cotton candy and popcorn machines in the background. Bring those to the Phillips' house next round of night games!!

  4. Dave just earned back his Man Card.