Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Traffic, Sushi, and Friends

Oh, Blessed traffic, sushi, and friends--how I have missed you. I just got back from such an amazing weekend in Denver.

Traffic: I was so overjoyed at being back in Colorado that it didn't even phase me that 2 people honked at me on Parker. I then realized I was only going 15 miles an hour just looking at the Chinese theatre and thinking how happy their popcorn was.

Sushi: I was only there for a few days but I managed to eat this:

And this:

and a very happy burrito thing from a restaurant called something like Cafe Viarda, or Cafe vista or cafe something. Anyway, it was the stuff dreams are made of. Ask Michelle for the name of the restaurant.

Most importantly I went for this.
We were able to surprise my all time favorite 40 year old.


  1. Your all time favorite HOT 40-year-old. And it's "Costa Vida". Dork.

  2. In this picture, it looks like she is mortified we showed up! We like to think she was happy, though..... :)

  3. PS- That doesn't look like the same stuff Cory brought home?!?!?!! They are both gross-looking.