Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 going on 30

It was nine years ago today that I sat down at Village Inn to have a Belgium Waffle and two hours later we had our little Ben!

In Ben's nine years of life he has :
:Read countless books on World War 2.
:Started numerous businesses (including his latest book mark company)
:Catches a Preying Mantis every summer so he can feel like he has a pet. ( I know! We are horrible parents)
:Eaten more Sushi, sardines, and crab then most adults I know.
He also has a goal to see the Pickle Boys in New York. Now, I am sure you are asking yourselves, who are the pickle boys? Well, they are not a band. It is a pickle shop in New York that he saw on the Food Network. So, at age 7 I told him if he saved all his money and could pay for his plane ticket and hotel, I would take him. ( It was one of those things you say, but never expect to have to do.)
Starting that day Ben was on a mission. Examples:
At the Grocery Store
Me: Everyone pick out a candy bar.
Ben: Can I have the $.59 cents instead?
What do you want for Christmas?
Ben: Money for New York.
Who wants to rake every leaf in our backyard for .50 cents
Ben! I'll do it!!!
Congratulations Ben! After 2 long years (for mom too) you are only 30 dollars shy, and I have a good idea that Grandma Hatch will provide the rest for your birthday.
New York here we come! Happy Birthday Ben.


  1. I love that kid! So funny! Have fun in New York!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ben! You are one cute boy. We are taking good care of your chicken! Can't wait to see you in May!
    (Thanks for not about his conception, Jill)

  3. It blows my mind that you have a 9 year old kid!! Looks like you have a great family. Make sure your kids know how to play night games so next time we are all in town we can meet up at the Phillips house.

  4. Ben, will you support me when I am in a rest home with the royalties of your bookmark company? Thanks. Happy Birthday buddy!

  5. Have fun in NY! I'm glad to have known Ben his whole life! I only wish that we could get together a bit more often. The first picture of Ben in the high chair cracks me up. I remember that basement apartment of awesomeness and your huge garbage can! Not to mention grilling out on the little hibachi in the backyard! Good times I tell ya. ;)