Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is that a horse running toward me?

I almost hit a horse yesterday! Well, actually a very mad, bucking horse almost hit me! (This was all close to the location where I had to stop for the chicken!) Maybe that's what Geico meant when they raised my rates after we moved, due to "excessive livestock danger."


  1. Is it posable that the horse and chicken are conspiring against you?

    Is it posable that livestock is more valuble than bands of roving inner-city teenagers?

  2. Can't stop laughing about the "excessive livestock danger" from Geico! :D

  3. Having grown up in the sticks, similar to where you now live, I can relate. I once had to wait for a very large herd of cows to cross the road. A very long time. And then I had to drive through cow patties.